Turns Out You Can Use Espresso Machines to Make Marijuana Extracts

Scientists are tasked with solving earth's biggest problems. Global warming, resource depletion, etc. But while other scientists were off figuring out how to make solar power more efficient, one group of researchers figured out how to create marijuana extracts using an espresso machine.

A new study published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry found that researchers could use espresso-based extraction techniques on marijuana. Scientists have recently found that using espresso machines could extract organic compounds out of solid samples, and they were curious if the same could be done with cannabis.

The researchers used a Nespresso Essenza Manual XN2003, which costs around $300, to conduct the experiment. They then put cannabis inside the machine's filter and after turning it on, they were able to extract THC, CBD and CBN (all cannabinoids in marijuana) out of the sample. The amount of cannabinoids they were able to extract was pretty consistent with the amount extracted using traditional techniques. And it also took under an hour.

If this seems ridiculous, it really isn't. While this experiment is good news for marijuana users who are interested in a low cost way to create their own extracts, the researchers conducted it in order to show other scientists about the many ways espresso extraction techniques could be used. Other researchers looking for low-cost extraction techniques can read this study and realize that maybe this seemingly ridiculous strategy is actually effective.

Or this is just a very devious way for the espresso industry to try to force it's way into the marijuana market.


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Victor Madril