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Melting Point Extracts (MPX)


Melting Point Extracts is on the cutting edge of cannabis-extraction technology. Their Butane Hash Oil (BHO) shatters and waxes are flavorful and potent, with impressive terpene retention that allows you to smell and taste the plant matter that went into these extracts. However, for those who are terpene-obsessed, they also offer flavorful and aromatic live resin. Live resin is an extraction method where plant material is frozen and extracted immediately after being harvested, instead of waiting for the material to be cured as would be the case for a traditional extraction. Many of the compounds in cannabis are volatile and can be lost through the curing process; live resin extraction helps preserve as many of these as possible. For those concerned about the purity of their extracts, MPX offers CO2 extracts as well. In this method, super-critical or liquid CO2 takes the place of traditional hydrocarbons like butane. The result is an extremely clean and unique extract. What is even more impressive is the consistency or texture that MPX has achieved with their CO2 extracts; they rival the glass-like BHO shatters on the market.

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